Tuesday, June 16, 2009

KFC's Cayan Grill O’Clock fb Campaign = FAIL

So I haven't blogged for a while and was concious of the fact that I needed to get back in the mix if I am to build a small but fledgling reputation for myself. But I didn't know what to write about.

This all changed when KFC dropped into my facebook world this morning via an inline fanning ad.

The ad said I could score a free chicken burger this afternoon. Salivating with anticipation I fanned the ad, then headed over to their page.

Page looks OK, sooo, whats the deal....

After closer inspection it turns out they are only giving the burgers away at one store each in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Seen as im at UNSW right now, the George street store is too far away, even for a free burger. But what is interesting here is that almost everyone else on the page is too far away too, and they're telling KFC about it.

Add to this the fact that they started spamming my newsfeed with two identical posts in 30 minutes and you have a marketing company that doesn't get social media.

Right now, in my opinion, KFC's facebook strategy is blowing up right in their faces.

How hard would it have been to issue a special code that all members of the page could've used at any KFC store nationwide during 1300-1400? Or even an application strategy ala whoppersacrifice?

Both these options would have left consumers a shit load happier than they are at the current minute. Don't agree? Click on the pic and tally the negative vs positive comments for me :|

Consider this an opportunity wasted, a brand trashed and tarnished and a lesson to all others of how a poorly executed social media strategy can get seriously fucked up.

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