Monday, April 5, 2010

facebook advertising at work

Just a quick post before I head off to Thailand for 6 days.

I've been curious to see if facebook was starting to index profile updates into their advertising mix.

Basically, the premise is, if you write an update, facebook would index keywords in that update and begin pushing advertisements to you based on those keywords in realtime.

I was unsure if they had started this process in Australia, as I was yet to see any evidence of it happening, until this morning.

On Thursday morning I wrote this update "Heading to the land of Thai's v soon."

Then this morning I get this ad.

I don't have the word Thailand anywhere in my profle info. The only indication I had given to facebook that I was leaving to Thailand was that update. It didn't even include the countries full name, yet still, I managed to receive a relevant ad specific to Thailand.

Looks like facebook are starting to ramp up their real-time advertising activities.