Friday, January 29, 2010

Social Media & the Superbowl. Pepsi/Coke says no to traditional ad's, yes to Social Media.

Pepsi have created the US$20M 'Refresh Everything' Social Media campaign to replace their traditional 1-2 Superbowl ad's during the uber huge sporting event.

Coke has taken a philanthropic turn and wants to 'do a little good while refreshing people' by offering all fans of their 'Live Positively' facebook page the chance to give gifts to their friends. Coke will donate US$1 to a charity for each gift given during the Superbowl period.

So is social growing up, are big brands finally seeing the benefits of social media over traditional media or are they just willing to take a gamble and see how it goes?

If well, social becomes a very viable primary channel for big brands. If not so well, social will slip back into the backroom as a 'bolt on' solution that a few marketers now feel comfortable dismissing it as.

Will Pepsi get more qualified exposure and consumer engagement out of a US$20M social media campaign than if they ran their traditional Superbowl ad's? I think they will.

What do you think?

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