Friday, February 5, 2010

Social Networking revenue to jump 475% to US$1.9B in 2013

I picked up the latest edition of the economist today.

It's got Steve Jobs on the cover (why i picked it up), but also features an 18 page special report on social networking.

If you haven't picked one up yet, I suggest you do as it makes for some very interesting and insightful reading.

As I initially flicked through the report a small graph caught my eye, it was labeled 'Money Talks' and forcasted the growth of web 2.0 revenues from 2009-2013.

I'll detail the list below as I can't find a link to it online (all behind a paywall),

web 2.0 revenues by technology, $m

2009 2013

RSS $190m $575m
Blogs $200m $325m
Wikis $180m $450m
Mashups $100m $675m
Podcasting $75m $275m
Widgets $75m $350m

Social Networking $425m $1.997b

I knew social networking was no where near being mature from a monitsation point of view, but a near 500% jump in revenue over a 4 year period is insane.

Who or what do you think is going to take in most of this revenue an how do you think its going to be done?


  1. Hi Mike...I missed that article do you have a source for those figures?

  2. Maybe I sahould have read your whole blog....Skipped to the $$$ Ignore previous

  3. Virtual goods, premium services, subscription services